Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just an update

Hi peeps! 

Just wanting to let everybody know why I've been silent here on the blog for the past 2 weeks.

My Dad had to have emergency surgery about 10 days ago. He was set to be discharged today or tomorrow, but has developed an infection at the incision site. He is to have a second surgery today, any time now. This, of course has pushed back his recovery time and discharge from the hospital.

My Dad lives over an hour drive from us and as I don't drive anymore, we have to rely on my Uncle for rides to the hospital and he lives even farther out than we do. This makes for a very long and nauseous ride for me as we can only visit my Dad for about 10 minutes and then we are right back in the car for the ride home.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter…and a prayer or two would be nice...


Quilty Huggs,